Dedicating time is the best way to make your loved ones feel special during this festive season.


Do you really want to have fun with your partner but don’t have enough money for that expensive date or trip?

Worry no more, as one of these ideas, could be an alternative to have fun with your partner at little or no cost;

  • Paint together

You both can set up a comfortable spot to bring out your inner artistry. You can decide on what to draw and paint. This will only cost two drawing pads and coloured pens. You and your partner can also take that time to engage in deep conversation which could also give rise to a form of intense closeness between you and your partner.

  • Mini picnic

Eating homemade food is also a form of fun activity. You really don’t need to spend a lot of money going to that fancy restaurant, rather plan an indoor or outdoor picnic together where you can have great conversations together. The picnic can be done on a balcony, park, garden at a beach, or any location of your choice, you could even bring games along to play after enjoying the delicious meal.

  • Movie night

Make the best use of Netflix this festive season. Pick a movie you both have been dying to watch, have a movie marathon. You can also spice up the movie night by decorating the location into a mini cinema, don’t forget to grab popcorn too.

  • Mini book club

Having a mini book club as lovers is also a cool way to have fun. Pick a book that has been on your bucket list, set a reading time for each other, then discuss, analyse, critic and have deep conversations about the book you just read. In love, little things matter, thus little things can actually keep your love alive even when you don’t have the money for that perfect date.

  • Spa night

Being each other’s massager isn’t a bad idea to enjoy each other’s company this season. The expenses will only be on purchasing candles, massage oils, essential oils which will help make a perfect spa night.

  • Go on local trip

Search for local attractions you haven’t explored yet. Fortunately, Nigeria has different tourist attractions that aren’t expensive to visit — ranging from museums to beaches, conservation centers, and many more. Research about a couple of places you will like to visit and plan a trip together.

Spending quality time with your partner doesn’t need to cost that much.

After all, love doesn’t cost anything.


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