Dear CeeCee,


The guy I like got angry when he found out I didn’t want sex before marriage and stopped talking to me. I’m very sad and I want him back. What do I do?

Dear friend,

Nobody is entitled to sex with you, even if you’re in a relationship with them. Access to your body and physical intimacy is a privilege only you can give, not a right.


If this guy got angry with you because you established a boundary, that is a major red flag. He isn’t someone you should date… or marry. It’s obvious he may only want you for sex.

If you’re clear on what you want, which isn’t to have sex before marriage, then choose someone who shares your values. There are men who will be interested in getting to know you, loving you and establishing intimacy in ways other than sex.

Honestly, he did you a favour by leaving. You deserve more than a guy who does not respect you or your boundaries.


In the words of Ariana Grande, “Thank you, next!”

With love,


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