Brymo, the Nigerian singer, has expressed his opinion on the state of Afrobeats and the artistes who dominate it.


In February, Burna Boy argued that he is the best in the country’s music industry since Fela Kuti, the late Afrobeat icon.

But in a recent interview with TVC, Brymo said Burna Boy, Davido, and Wizkid are “thieves for trying to overshadow Fela’s Afrobeat music”.

He claimed Burna Boy “lacks originality in his music”.


The singer said Fela’s Afrobeat is a distinct genre while Afrobeats is just music style.

“I saw a video where he said he was the ‘Jesus’ of Afrobeats and he put Davido and Wizkid on some other mountain like that,” he said.

“I think he is sleazy, he is cheap, he is a thief, very unoriginal, and very fake. Every song is a sample or a stolen slogan, who does that?


“Afrobeats is a music style that is not a genre. Fela’s Afrobeat is a genre and it is disrespectful that a new generation came and just added ‘s’ and tried to create another set of number ones.

“Wizkid is the best, Burna Boy, no no. They all are thieves. Do you know how much baba went through to create Afrobeat?

“We just show up and try to rename what our elders do while they are trying to kill us off and we are trying to kill them off. I do not know why. There is supposed to be continuity. “

Patrick Doyle earlier argued that the Afrofusion singer has “not done anything to be described as great”.


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