Samuel Perry, the comic actor better known as Broda Shaggi, says Nigerians have become jaded from the continuous betrayal and pains caused by “our leaders”.


The entertainer was reflecting on the situation of things in the country and his forthcoming project titled ‘Save the State’ in a Facebook post on Wednesday.

The comedian recalled that the country was once united that people’s ethnic affiliation and other differences did not matter in their day-to-day interactions.

He added that the citizens have had their hopes for a better country dashed by the continuous neglect and cruelty of successive administrations.


“There was a time when the ‘Wazobia’ ideal was popular; this Nigeria was our own and it didn’t matter what region you were from. Every line in our pledge meant so much. It was sincere and backed with faith,” he wrote.

“With each tenure of government, we realised that the people we trusted our nation with kept betraying us until we became a jaded people.

“It’s now ‘dog eat dog out here’, the people supposed to uphold the rule of law treat us like we are the enemies. Everybody has experienced some form of pain, cruelty and neglect from the government and its law enforcement agencies.”


Broda Shaggi also said that his forthcoming project, billed for August 7, is aimed at rekindling Nigerians hope for a better society.

“Earlier this year, I put together a theatrical performance where I wrung out my soul and those of my collaborators. It encapsulates our desires for a better Nigeria, one with hope and love,” he added.

“I hope we don’t give up fighting for our land, I hope we summon the bits of our living selves and become ‘Brutus to their Neros.”


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