Bolaji Idowu, the lead pastor of Harvesters International Christian Centre, says it is very “shameful” for a man to marry a woman forfinancial reasons”.


In a recent sermon to his congregation, the cleric wondered why a “grown” man’s success strategy would be to tie the knot with a “lady from a rich family”.

He also described having such a thought process as a “consumer mentality”, adding that such men “lack critical wisdom”.

“One of the most shameful things I have seen is when men try to marry women for money. How can you be a grown man and your dream in life for success, your life strategy for success is that I will find a rich girl from a rich family and I will marry her,” he said.


“Is it because you believe there is nothing in you that can produce? That is consumer mentality. How do you want to do marriage and in planning for your marital finances, you plan that people will give you money to do your marriage? Does it not show that you lack critical wisdom?”.

Idowu founded Harvesters church on December 13, 2003.

He is well known for publicly speaking out on religious and political matters.


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