Don Jazzy, CEO of Mavin Records, says his views about marriage are always changing.


In an interview with BBC Pidgin, the 38-year-old music producer also opened up on his failed marriage to Michelle Jackson whom he divorced at 22.

“My views about marriage? It’s not easy. It is always changing. Sometimes, I’m up for it. Other times, I’m like, ‘are we even supposed to get married?’ After I married young, it looked as though the music was picking gradually,” he said.

“I’d started seeing minute signs. But late nights in the studio, going on road trips for performances had you leaving your wife at home. It’s hard to explain. I was lucky the person I married understood that music meant a lot to me.


“And that it wouldn’t be easy for me to combine that with always having to go back home to family. And I was still young. So I had to make that decision to face my music squarely and I’ve been loyal to this music until now.

“Everyone knew but it wasn’t for them to share. I’ve revealed everyone I’ve dated in the past. I’m not hiding it. No one just felt the need to say, ‘He used to be married.’ When I’m in a relationship, it’s not in my nature to share it.”

Responding to fans’ on how he felt letting his music obsession end his marriage to Michelle, Don Jazzy said: “I have no regrets. I’ve been able to bless life by being a success story.  I don’t have any child that I know of.


“She’s married and has a child now. She is one year older than I am. A lot of people saw the child she has on her page and thought that it was mine. If I had a child, everyone will know. I won’t hide it.”

He added: “People were worried that I’m not married but this made them say, ‘Oh, okay. His heart was broken before so he doesn’t want to do it again. Let’s not rush him.’ Recently, they don’t disturb me like that anymore.

“But I feel like they want to give me another one or two years but I can shock them by marrying before then. I don’t have a girlfriend but, yes. My DM is open, please people shoot shot. Shoot your shot o.”


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