Your body size, shape, height or weight should ordinarily determine the outfits you wear – yet many don’t pay attention to this when making cloth selections.


But that stops today!

Here are the various ways in which you can project your best features and make your worst attributes seem benign.

A long neck


People with long necks should wear high stand-up collars, ascot ties, scarves, square necklines, hats and always let their hair fairly low at the back. Such individuals should also avoid low, wide, or V-shaped necklines.

A thin neck

People with thin necks should wear softly draped, cowl or stand up collars, scarves and clips. They should avoid thin clinging fabrics and skimpy bodices.


Short neck

For those in this category, bulky jewelries and chokers should be avoided. Short-necked individuals should wear low V-necklines with a clip at the base, collarless coats, pointed collars. People with short necks should also embrace short hair styles more often.

Big bosom

Individuals in this category are advised to wear covered arms, wide sleeves, wrist accents, long coats, jackets with rounded corners and sensible heels. They should also avoid wearing square or barrel shaped jackets, fussy detail bows and cape collars.


Flat chest

For this category, built up shoulders, lively necklines, ovals, criss-cross scarves, nipped-in waist details, and lace pockets should be worn while big belts, floating sleeves and heavy accessories should be avoided.

Bulging tummy

People in this category should wear padded shoulders, fitted sleeves, skirts flared from hips and avoid tight coat or skirt, short open jackets.


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