Some movies leave one with a feeling of glee, while some poorly executed flicks make one want to puke and throw a tantrum – all at once.


To help you avoid such a situation, TheCable Lifestyle recommends the following movies for you to watch in the cinema on Netflix this weekend.

Bitter Rain

Running time: 1hr 56mins


Starring: Alexx Ekubo, Erica Nweledim, Stan Nze

Synopsis: An incumbent monarch must find the balance between fighting to break the jinx of short life and ruling his people. He must survive the betrayal and prying eyes to achieve his mission.


Free Guy

Running time: 1hr 55mins

Starring: Alex Trebek, Ryan Reynalds, Kimberly Howe

Synopsis: A bank teller suddenly finds himself a background player in a brutal, open-world video game. He takes his story not his own hand and makes something out of it.



The Suicide Squad II

Running time: 2hrs 15mins


Starring: Idris Elba,  John Cena, Margot Robbie

Synopsis:  A government sends its most dangerous supervillains to take out an enemy island. Armed with high-tech weapons, the band of fugitives treks through the dangerous jungle to get to their mission, with only a wizened colonel on the ground to keep them in line.




Running time: 1hr 48mins

Starring: Abbey Lee, Rufus Sewell, Vicky Krieps

Synopsis: A family on a tropical holiday discovers that the secluded beach where they are relaxing for a few hours is somehow causing them to age rapidly reducing their entire lives into a single day.


Crazy Grannies

Running time: 1hr 53mins

Starring: Shaffi Bello, Princess Comedian, Ngozi Nwosu

Synopsis: Three sexagenarians are set to treat themselves to a tropical holiday and garnish spices into their lives. What will come of the rejuvenation for the three friends?


Jungle Cruise

Running time: 2hrs 7mins

Starring: Dwayne Johnson, Dany Garcia, Hiram Garcia

Synopsis: A desperate doctor employs an experienced sea captain to take her down the Amazon in search of an ancient tree that holds the power to heal. Together they embark on a journey that will change the future of medicine.


Cookie Spot

Running time:  2hrs

Starring: Shola Sobowale, Ninalowo Bolanle, Omowunmi Dada

Synopsis: An educated daughter battles to wean her mother from the life servitude in the household of a rich family. The adamant mother believes there’s nowhere for her except the rich family’s household.


Snake Eyes

Running time: 2hr 1min

Starring: Henry Golding, Ursula Corbero, Samira Weaving

Synopsis: An extension from the G.I Joe franchise, the movie follows Snake Eyes’ journey to a Japanese clan and how he finds a home in the community until his past came hunting; his honour and allegiance will be tested.


Pillars Of Africa

Running time: 2hrs 10mins

Starring: Akeem Kae Kazeem, Zack Orji, Chidi Mokeme

Synopsis: A bloodthirsty insurgent invades a community with his ragtag army and abducts girls in hundreds. With the aid of his informants in the army, he stays away from the reach of the authorities. Little does he know one of the girls holds hope big enough to dismantle his bloodletting house of cards.


Space Jam

Running time: 2hrs

Starring: LeBron James, Ryan Coogler, Maverick Carter

Synopsis: A rogue AI traps LeBron James and his young son, Dom, in a digital space. To be freed, LeBron must join the Looney Tunes gang for a basketball game against the AI’s digitised champions of the court, and everything is hinged on the result.

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