Sandra and Olivia, the Big Brother Titans (BBTitans) housemates, have engaged in a war of words.


The confrontation between the two ladies started on Sunday night after Biggie paired each of the 24 housemates with the opposite gender.

Biggie said each pair will play a game with their partners. He added that whoever gets a strike would be evicted or get disqualified — with the outcome also affecting their partner.

Sandra, who appeared unhappy with the outcome of her pairing, had noticed Olivia was laughing at her and warned her to stop.


This escalated into a verbal war with the ladies also trading insults. The pair nearly exchanged blows if not for the timely intervention of other housemates.

“See I was talking to people and Juicy was like…Olivia will come and start laughing now. I told her babe, you’re my friend, please don’t laugh here I’m not in the mood. If you want to laugh, don’t laugh here. That was it,” Sandra thundered.

“You got to respect me. I’m respectful because you are my friend.


“You are f**king Motorola that they are using a rubber band to hold. You are forming as if you are an iPhone 14.

On her part, Olivia called Sandra a “bastard.”

“She was telling me I should not laugh. Who the f**k is she? Is she telling what to do? “This is no one’s f**king house,” she said.

“You are a bastard.”


The BBTitans premiered on January 15. It will end on April 2, 2023.

The winner will go home with a grand prize of $100,000.

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