Tobi and Cee-C were the first contestants to become an item in the Big Brother Naija house, only for them to fall apart in recent days.


After over three weeks of living together — and nestled in each other’s arms most of the time — their romance was bound to hit a snag at some point, and it did.

The housemates, who were busy beneath the sheets on Friday night, have spent the most part of this week ignoring each other, exchanging stony stares and subliminal messages.

All that changed on Thursday as the duo — who was once paired — got together for a lengthy heart-to-heart talk during which they expressed their grievances.


Tobi complained that Cee-C often overreacts and turns around to blame him for everything. He expressed hurt and disappointment at her comment insinuating that he made unwanted advances at her.

On her part, Cee-C confessed that she doubted his feelings from the onset. She explained to him that she grew up in a home where cheating was rampant, hence her trust issues.

Although they failed to make headway during their first attempt at reconciling, the conversation was restarted later at night.


While the housemates were celebrating winning their second consecutive wager, Cee-C and Tobi slipped away for the continuation of their lover’s chat.

After an emotional back and forth, they shared a hug, and Tobi, who had become distant in the past few days, said he would pay more attention to Cee-C’s feelings.

Meanwhile, the housemates will take part in a safe sex awareness task, a sequel to the parenting and responsibility task that saw them take care of doll babies for a day.


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