Asue Ighodalo, a brother to Ituah Ighodalo, a senior pastor of  Trinity House Church in Lagos, says Ibidun, the latter’s late wife was to receive a house as a birthday gift.


Ibidun died of a heart attack last Sunday while in Port Harcourt, Rivers state, in a development that has had tributes pouring in from both public figures, politicians, and well-meaning citizens.

Asue, who spoke on Saturday at the event of Ibidun’s funeral, said her mother had finished a house, the key to which she planned giving her on the 19th of July in what she termed a gesture of love.

The lawyer, who dubbed himself a twin to the deceased, also narrated how the news of Ibidun’s death had reached him while lauding Ituah for the strength he has shown through the entire experience.


“When my phone rang at about 7 am and it was Ituah, I knew something was wrong. He said, ‘your (Ibidun) twin is gone. I asked where he was and said he was getting ready for church,” Asue said.

“I caught up with Ituah; he was recording and I sat through it. His strength, I couldn’t believe. It was like a normal workday. When Obaseki called, I told him I’ll go incommunicado for a few hours.

“Because we lost Ibidun. He said it wasn’t possible because she had woken him up. Ituah did his recording and said he needed to see his mother-in-law. That Sunday morning, I drew strength from Ituah.


“From there we spent time with Ibidun’s mum. Ibidun’s mom had been working on a house that she wanted to give Ibidun for her 40th birthday. So she took my hand and showed me the house.

“‘I was going to give this key to you to give Ituah on the 18th so that Ituah would give her on the 19th. I needed to show my daughter how much I truly loved her.’ I looked at the house.

“It was nearly complete in her estate. Then Ituah said he had to conduct a funeral. When he arrived, the news had started filtering out. I overheard people saying it must be a rumour.

“He walked in and consoled all the sisters and brothers of the young man that had passed and people were watching him in amazement. They were sure it (Ibidun’s death) couldn’t be true.”


Before her death, Ibidun had opened up on undergoing 11 IVFs, the pressure over her fertility journey, and her quest to find happiness, all of which she said birthed her fertility foundation.

Dayo Richards, the coordinator for the Ibidunni Ighodalo Foundation, which provides grants for couples that require fertility treatments, said the organization would carry on with her legacy.

“Ibidun sought to help as many couples that came her way. This burden she carried until death. In order to preserve her legacy, we will continue the work she has started,” Richards added in tears.

“We’ll continue the work she has started. We will sponsor many more couples for IVF treatments. Details on how applications will be received will be published on media platforms.


“Late last year, she called me and said she would like to sponsor 40 couples for her 40th birthday. This is what she would have wanted and this is what we will do her honour.”

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