Feminism is an ideology that advances the right of females as equal to males.


It advocates for women’s right on the grounds of earning equal pay or wages as men, receiving the same level of education, owning property, having equal rights in relationships and marriages, among others.

The society we find ourselves, no doubt, plays a major role in this disparity because most cultural systems — especially conservative and religious societies — are patriarchal in nature and present a domineering role for males.

The ideology, which has been embraced by many enlightened Nigerian women, has emboldened the female-folk to challenge the status-quo.


Now, in relationships and marriages, feminists demand equal authority in decision making generally, ranging from having the bills equally divided to doing household chores.

However, women who tend to do the opposite of what a feminist believes in are regarded as anti-feminist.

So, here we go: am I anti-feminist if these seven things happen in my relationship?


1. Cook for him

2. Allow him to pay on dates

3. Do his laundry

4. Go grocery-shopping for him


5. Submit to him

6. Forgive him when he cheats

7. Be available to satisfy his sexual demands

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