Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola, professionally known as DJ Cuppy, says she would never come out as a feminist.

The entertainer said she once considered herself as a feminist but eventually realised that she does not understand it.

DJ Cuppy said the reason is that she’s in a male-dominated industry and men will always think they are better than women.

“I used to consider myself a feminist until I realised that I didn’t really understand it,” she said in an interview with City FM.

“I don’t like people that are hypocrites. People are out there speaking about women’s rights, women’s issues and behind closed doors, they’re doing kind of like crazy things.

“I would never come out as a feminist because I’m in a male-dominated industry.

“There are certain scenarios where, I’m not saying I have to water myself down, but I deal with men on a day to day basis and I realise that they are always going to think they are better than women.”

Cuppy said she doesn’t believe feminism will “solve” the issues women face. Rather, women should channel that energy into self-development.

“I used to have this issue where people thought that my dad made my career,” she explained.

“I can’t kill myself because I cannot change the way people think.

“All you can change is what you do and how you act. I cannot change what you think about me. I can try and influence it but you are entitled to your own opinion.

“So if we go around as women, trying to change the way men think, we are going to tire ourselves out.

“What we need to do is focus on achieving our own goals, working on our own selves.

“It’s important to talk about these issues and bring them to the surface but you must also limit the amount of attention you give them because the more energy you put into one thing, the less you can into another.”

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