“I’m thankful that the effort I put in the album is paying off”, the singer said, barely weeks after releasing his eponymous debut album which shot into the Billboard charts shortly after its release.


TheCable LifeStyle recently caught up with Adekunle Gold and the singer confessed that he hopes his fans would take a liking to the “Gold” album.

And from his enthusiastic response, it appears the fans have been good to “Gold”.

“While working on the album my only hope was that people will like it. And eventually that’s happening. I can’t say much about the business aspect”, he added.


The singer explained how his music style and sound was birthed out of a desire to be different and unique.

“It’s just the urge to be different. Because I’ve always loved to be different. And for me, it didn’t make sense to come into this market with the same thing that has been done over and over again. How about you just come up with a difference. And that’s the reason for my sound.

“Urban highlife, that’s my genre. It’s a fusion of pop, highlife and a bit of folk sound. I’ve always wanted to be different and that’s why I’m making this sound.”


Gold responded to the assertions that he’s on course to take the place of 9ice in the indigenous Yoruba market by saying the “Gongo Aso” singer is a legend who’s still very much active in the music industry.

“I don’t know about that. I can’t take over from 9ice. He is a legend in his right and he’s doing amazing even till now. So I’m just a young guy that’s trying to do my own stuff.”

On the decision of Lil Kesh to start his own record label, Gold noted that little has changed between them in spite of what is written in ink.

“There’s no such thing as former label mate. He is still with YBNL, he just has his own platform as well. We’re still very cool. We’re still almost on the same shows together. We travel together. Kesh is pretty much with YBNL.”


Every fan of Adekunle Gold is aware that he’s an all-round creative who’s not only musically inclined, but also skilled in the art of graphic design.

However, it is difficult to handle multiple passions simultaneously without giving more attention to one and neglecting the other.

In Gold’s world, music is priority – at least for now.

“There’s really no time to do stuff for other people. Maybe once in a while, for at least my label mates I still do stuff. But as for business, there’s really no time. I mean the whole focus now is on music.”


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