Going away with one’s partner to a choice destination for some alone time is a brilliant idea. In fact, couples are advised to make a habit of travelling alone together to strengthen and boost their relationship.


Terms like, ‘healthy relationships’, ‘reignition of love’, and ‘reconnection’, are commonly tied to the benefits of romantic getaways. And these opinions are true.

However, planning a romantic getaway can be tedious, frustrating and tiring.

And like the popular quote implies, while going through the stress to plan a romantic trip with a lover, it’s only fair to put in the very best. After all, what’s a romantic getaway without romance?


Have an official getaway destination list

A couple that plans together, stays happier together. It’s a good idea for couples to have an official bucket list of places they’ll love to visit based on the input of both parties. Not only because a list like this will almost be inextinguishable (i.e you both will not run dry on new locations to visit), but also, a mutual bucket list offers an embodiment of mutual taste.

The idea of a getaway is to have fun in a place you both like and this is important. Pick a destination mutually agreeable with both parties so that the trip can be enjoyed by you two.


Avoid making selfish decisions as this might render one party angry, sulky and unhappy during the trip. Picture that; a romantic getaway went sour.

Decide on an ideal means of voyage

As unimportant as this factor is often perceived, it shouldn’t be overlooked. It is necessary that both parties decide and agree on an ideal means of transportation for two reasons primarily.

The first is budget. For instance, a couple might choose to forgo flying for travelling by road to reduce cost during their trip. The second primary reason for discussing the means of transportation to use is because of preference.


While one member of the couple might like travelling by air, the other might be petrified of flying and would be uncomfortable throughout the flight.

To avoid landing on the designated getaway location with a cranky partner, it’s best to choose a mutually beneficial means of the voyage.

Decide on an ideal accommodation type

Again, make accommodation arrangements by preference and budget. If one partner, for instance, would prefer a hostel to a luxury hotel, it is important that both parties discuss the pros and cons and decide on a final mutually beneficial decision.


Factoring in accommodation booking, according to the budget and available financial resources, is a wise choice to make.

Make a budget

Budgeting for an important trip such as a romantic getaway is a wise step in the right direction. By budgeting for realities such as accommodation, transportation, guide, feeding, and fun activities, the couple will know exactly how their money will be spent.

Budgeting can also clarify some loopholes where the couple can forfeit spending on certain unnecessary things.


Go for it

Now that you have chosen a getaway destination, decided on the means of transportation to take, drafted a budget, and decided on a great accommodation type, it is time to go for it.

Do not hesitate to pack and go ahead with having fun with our boo.

As responsible individuals, ensure to attend to certain priorities such as; taking timely permission from the workplace (if applicable), dropping the kids with a trusted third party, and arriving early on the d-day of take-off.

Agree mutually on activities to take

Recall that the primary aim of a getaway is to spend time with a love interest. Make sure to savour the romance during your trip.

One way to bond during a getaway is by familiarizing with activities throughout the trip.

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