Broda Shaggi says he never makes videos of his intimate moments as he doesn’t have time to do so.


The skit maker spoke about his sexual life, his failed relationship, and plans for marriage in an interview with TVC.

Asked what he makes of sex tape leaks involving entertainers, Shaggi blamed partners who are fond of recording their intimate moments.

“Everyone is different. You can never be me. I can never be you. Some people enjoy the act of recording themselves while making sex. When I make sex, there’s no camera around because there won’t be time,” he said.


“You can never have time to hold your phone. There’s so much going on. You’re in another world. There are screams everywhere. There’s war. I’m not violent. You’re in a mood where you don’t even want to be disturbed.

“You cannot take your phone except you want to play music and we can do that before we start. All those ones would be playing in the background. You understand.”

On marriage, Shaggi revealed that he parted ways with his last partner when it became apparent that things weren’t working out as planned.


“Marriage is a big thing. It requires understanding from both genders. For me, marriage is not on my mind now because I have so many things to achieve. When I get married, it means I’m ready to settle down,” he said.

“Then, I’m ready to take care of my wife and children because it’s only one or two children I feel I want. When marriage happens, it’s going to take my whole time. I need to give my all, so we care for the children together.

“I’ve never been served breakfast before. I’ve never served anyone breakfast. In my last relationship, we just had to go our separate ways because things were not working the way they should. Understanding matters a lot to me.”


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