You fall in love with someone and you’re always excited to spend time with them, goof around and share special moments.


Then, a few months, maybe a few years later if you’re fortunate, the sight of the person begins to irritate you and you start looking for any chance to get a whiff of fresh air.

You’re probably in a toxic relationship.

Passive aggression


When your significant half does something that gets you mad but you don’t say anything about it. You just keep giving side glances and looking at him or her with disdain.

The moment you can’t or don’t feel comfortable saying what you feel, you’ve lost something vital to your relationship.

Negative criticism


Being so close to someone means you get to see their life under a microscope. All their imperfections become apparent to you as well as their fears and vulnerabilities.

Positive criticism is a great tool in building each other in a relationship but the moment you start using their insecurities to spite them and make your partner feel bad, that may be a blow you can’t recover from.

Arguing without communication

Screaming at each other at the top of our lungs may be a good way to release anger but it’s far from the best way to keep a relationship.


It’s perfectly normal to get angry and upset but you need to have a regular conversation without two people talking over each other to find a solution.

Negative energy 

You can’t see it but you can feel it. You come across people every day that just exude the wrong vibes that just make you cringe.

This negative energy can drain you emotionally, mentally and physically.


Your significant other is supposed to be your escape and not the cause of your troubles.

Avoiding each other

You should at least be able to tolerate your partner, even at the lowest point of your relationship.

The moment you can’t even stand to be around them, it’s all over. Just call it quits or work it out.


Feeling like there is no point

Is there a reason for all this hassle? Where is the relationship going? I don’t think I want to spend the rest of my life with this person.

If these thoughts cross your mind more often than not, then there probably is no point to the relationship.

You only try to make him or her happy

Scratch my back, I scratch yours, right? The basis of a relationship is mutuality. Your happiness should be their happiness.

The moment you constantly try to make your significant other happy and you remain miserable, you have to take a raincheck.

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