Facebook on Monday launched ‘Workplace’, which is just like ‘Facebook’, but takes away your friends and replaces them with your co-workers.


Your work account and your Facebook account will have two separate logins and Workplace won’t feature ads on your homepage like Facebook does.

More than 1,000 organisations currently use the tool, previously known as ”Facebook at Work.”

With features that are similar to Facebook’s main app, Workplace lets users post about their work, follow a feed of colleagues’ updates, discuss projects in groups or watch a live video broadcast by a company executive.


According to Forbes, while the tool is free for nonprofits and educational institutions, other organisations pay a monthly rate based on the number of monthly active users.

Businesses pay $3 per employee for the first 1,000 employees, $2 per employee for 1,001 to 10,000 users and $1 per employee for more than 10,000 users.

This will create a separate and independent revenue stream for Facebook which primarily generates revenue from adverts.


“Workplace will help more companies create the kind of open culture that encourages people to connect and share,” Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO said in a post on Monday, describing organisations’ feedback about the tool as “very positive.”

“People do their best work when they have more knowledge of what’s going on at their company, and people work together better when they understand their colleagues,” Zuckerberg added.

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