Parenting is certainly no easy task. This lifelong endeavour is one of love, trial, and tribulation.


Any experienced parent knows that finding ways to make the job easier in those trying moments can be worth their weight in gold.

In this same spirit of a job made just a little bit easier, we look at six simple tips to make life easier for all those devoted parents out there.

Let’s get started.


Effective messaging

Effective messaging is an integral part of any functioning, parent-child relationship. Communication can need to take place at any time between the two. One great way to do this is certainly through text for those older children with phones.

Outside of cell phones, the home is also an important and effective avenue for family messaging. Consider employing a bulletin board, dry erase board, or a notepad at a location that is frequented by both parties in coming and going such as a kitchen or vestibule.


With today’s many modern options in this area, one can quickly find an attention-getting, effective way for such home communications.

Diaper bag maintenance

For the parents of infants and newborns, the needs and challenges are unique and many. One of the paramount ways to be ready for anything, at home or out, is via proper diaper bag maintenance. Start by creating a list of everything that could be potentially needed for your little one.

From there, you can consider bag sizes, styles, and compartment availability. There are many choices out there and plenty of individual options. For more help in this area, a great rundown of the ins and outs of diaper bag preparedness and selection can be found


For more help in this area, a great rundown of the ins and outs of diaper bag preparedness and selection can be found here.

Keep surprises

When you have a great surprise for your child, the excitement can make it tantalisingly tough to keep the good news for long. We’re here to tell you though; keep the surprise up until the very last day possible.

This is quite often best because it doesn’t drive the child crazy with the same anticipation that will lead you to be driven crazy with that never-ending question – “How much time is left?”.


There can sometimes be exceptions to this general insight however with regard to creating motivations for desirable behaviors via the promise of the upcoming event.

Keep vehicles prepped

Consider your vehicle to be your big diaper bag. As discussed above, consider all of the needs that might unfold within its confines. This is a relevant and extremely helpful tip no matter the age of your child.

Consider keeping a stash tucked away in the car that has anything you might need: plastic bags, tissues, hand sanitizer, wipes, medicinals, and anything else good to have on-hand when out. You will absolutely thank yourself again and again for this.


Create routine charts

For elementary and even high school-aged kids, creating and maintaining a schedule or routine can be quite imperative. As summed-up by pediatrician-maintained HealthyChildren.Org , “Every family needs routines. They help to organize life and keep it from becoming too chaotic. Children do best when routines are regular, predictable, and consistent”.

In the spirit of an easier plight for everyone, create a routine chart. The key is not to be overly regimented but to also provide reasonable stability through a foreseeable structure.

Encourage money awareness, chores

The more tools your child has to prepare for adulthood and maturity, the better it is for you and them in the long-run. The best way to educate in the financial sense is through an at-home allowance or chore system.

Although all tasks may not be paid-for, others may be and thus used for a modest credit or payment system.

This encourages entrepreneurialism, pride in work, and savings and goals. You will want your child to become aware in these areas as soon as possible for your benefit and theirs alike.

Parenting can be a joyous journey. However, one should have no doubts as to its challenges as well. These six, quick tips are just a few that can really help ease those natural challenges that may lie ahead.

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