Making the decision to end a relationship can be tough and often times, it requires an extensive thought process to arrive at the point where you eventually walk away.


If you ever find yourself considering a break up, here are 25 questions to ask yourself.

Is he abusive?

Do you love him?


Do the pros outweigh the cons?

Can he give you what you want the most?

Have you given it your best shot?


Can we work things out?

Is anyone influencing your decision?

How much will the split affect you?

Have you expressed what you want without trying to judge, blame or hide your vulnerability?


Am I just angry or am I jumping to conclusions?

Will I regret ending the relationship?

Why do I want to breakup?

How should I do it?


Will I leave room to get back together in the future?

What have I learnt from this relationship?

Do you want to live with out him or do you want him to change?

Are you already living separate lives?


What am I afraid of?

Are those realistic fears?

If I wasn’t scared that this might happen – what would I do?

Am in love with this person, or the person I wish they were?

Is this relationship bringing out the best in me?

Should a relationship be this much work?

Do I make excuses for or justify my partner’s behavior towards me?

How would I feel about my little sister/brother/daughter/son being in this situation?

Do I think I can love this person in the way they deserve to be loved?

If this is all there is, will it be enough?

If today was my last – would I regret ending or not having ended the relationship more?

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