Google has unveiled a major new version of its iPhone and iPad email app with the release of Gmail 5.0.3.


The update comes with a handful of new features, including instant search, an option to unsend mail and swipe-to-archive functionality.

The feature to ‘recall’ or ‘undo’ an email has gotten iOS users excited.

Just as you can do on a desktop, the mobile app will give the option to ‘undo’ an email a few seconds after it’s been sent, allowing users to go back in and fix any errors before they can be seen.


Google gives you just five seconds to recall your email after hitting send, but you can also modify the time limit.

After an email has been dispatched, a gray bar will appear at the bottom of the screen, giving you the chance to cancel its delivery.

The major highlight of this new update is a complete redesign so as to closely match its web and Android interfaces.


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