Chuko Esiri, co-writer and producer of ‘Eyimofe’, says the 2021 Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) is proof that Africa has immense creative potentials.


On Sunday, ‘Eyimofe’ clinched five prizes at this year’s AMAA. The awards include ‘Best Nigerian Film’, ‘Best Sound’, ‘Best First feature Film by a Director’, ‘Achievement in Editing’ and ‘Best Director’.

Speaking with TheCable Lifestyle at the event, Chuko said stories from different African filmmakers are gaining global recognition.

He also appreciated GDN studios as well as the entire crew of the project for ensuring the success of the film’s production.


“I’m grateful for being here and having the opportunity for all the support we had from the studio that financed it, GDN, our producers to our actors and crew,” he said.

“Me and my brother are just standing on other peoples’ shoulders.  The crew and cast were fantastic and they are the reason we come this far.

“The award show is a pan Africa award ceremony, so Africa has won already. If you look around you’d see Africans from different countries.


“The Gravedigger’s Wife’, a Somali film, also won five, so it just goes to show the length and breadth of creativity in Africa. We also had winners from Namibia, Tanzania, Uganda.”

The movie director had attended the award ceremony on behalf of Arie Esiri, his twin brother who happens to be a co-producer of ‘Eyimofe’.

‘Eyimofe’ is a 114-minute feature film split into two different chapters.

It follows the life of Mofe, a factory worker technician, and Rosa, a hairdresser, on their quest for what they anticipate and believe will be a better life on foreign shores. 


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