Moms are constantly on the go. From soccer practice to school, and daily household chores. It is no wonder that our once healthy lifestyle is on the back burner.


But it’s important that even in our busy lives we take care of ourselves as well. Here are some habits of happy mums. So that you too can become a happy mum.

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Here are some habits of happy mums you should know


They ask for help

Happy mothers are not scared to ask for help from family and friends. Mums who feel they should be martyrs can miss out on a lot; like a short weekend getaway or a date night with their husband. All because they don’t want to be tagged a bad parent for leaving their children.

They get out and about


Make sure to get some time outdoors. Fresh air, sunlight, and nature are very important mood enhancers for women. Mums can kill two birds with one stone by enjoying a walk while pushing strollers or hanging out in the playground.

They go on vacations

Content mothers work really hard. But they also plan so they have enough time and money for holidays. Forget about the alarm clocks, appointments, and homework and spend some time appreciating the sunset. Spend quality time building sandcastles or playing card games. When you enjoy quality time with your children, you remember why all the hard work is worth it.

Make time as a couple


You and your husband show your love for each other through texts. You also have nicknames for each other, but are you spending enough intimate time together? Wonder why this is on the list of habits of happy mums? Intimacy with your husband is a good way to get a smile back on your face. It’s also a good way to have a happy dad around, as well as relieving stress and numerous other benefits. Wink!

Eat and sleep well

Being sleep-deprived is pretty inevitable during the first months of motherhood. But the sooner you can manage to get your eight hours back, the happier you will be. Diet also plays an important role when it comes to feeling good. So opt for a healthy chicken salad instead of finishing your kids’ nuggets and fries.

They make exercise their addiction


Forget about popping those pills to make you feel like Wonder Woman. Head to the gym instead. With all those endorphins flying everywhere; there isn’t a chance regular exercise won’t make you a happier person, and subsequently a happier mum. It may seem self-indulgent doing something for yourself, but you’ll gain something out of it.

Me-time is non-negotiable time

Carving out time away from the kids is crucial; whether you’re shopping with the girls or just taking a long bath with a magazine. Very happy mums know they deserve some time to themselves so they meet their husbands for lunch or get a facial. When you know you’re going to have a little treat during the day, it’s easier to take on everything that’s in front of you. Something like two hours every three days does the trick beautifully.

 They are good neighbours


You would think you give enough time to your family. But doing things for others makes us happy too. Whether it’s baking a cake for another mum with a newborn or offering to drop someone else’s kids to school; a good deed will help create a good day. Plus remember, it’s another deposit in your karma bank.

They don’t compare

The happiest mums don’t compare or compete. They don’t’ worry about their kids being the smartest or cutest or their house being the neatest and biggest. The green-eyed monster takes its toll on many mums and nothing positive comes out of it. Be content with what you have and count your blessings.

Hang with their girlfriends

Having friends who are mothers as well is key. Having someone in the same situation is a real comfort. Whether it’s about the cute stuff like birthday party preparations or more serious issues and crises, it’s hard to make it without friends. Who else can you expect to listen to stories involving potty training and the reasons you adore the Vice-Principal?

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