Are you ready to be a parent? This question may sound scary and nerve-wracking, as no one can predict what lies at the other end of the journey.


While you may never feel prepared, there are definitely some signs that suggest you are ready to take on life’s biggest roller coaster ride. Here are top 10 signals that indicate you are ready for a baby!

You and your partner have had ‘the discussion’

The two of you have managed to seriously discuss about stepping into parenthood without either one of you changing the topic. This means that you’re both gearing up to make room for an adorable mini-you in your lives.


You get less annoyed when well-meaning relatives ask you ‘the question’

Persuasive questions like,”when is the good news?”are dealt with more calmly by you. Though you may still prefer to keep mum, your mind nudges you in a positive way. Hmm… means motherhood is calling!

You stop and admire other’s babies


Whiny, snotty and drooling babies are beginning to look cute to you. Whenever you see a baby around you, your heart turns to mush and you imagine nuzzling into a baby, yourself.

You spend more time in the kids section of a store

You’re imagining what it feels like to shop for a baby. If your mind goes – oh, that little dress looks so cute or, yes, I would want these socks for my baby… means you’ve got it bad.

You’ve adapted certain lifestyle changes


You’ve naturally or consciously cut down on your alcohol and caffeine intake, in exchange for a healthier lifestyle. Since these are things you will eventually have to give up during pregnancy, this makes for a good start.

You’ve had your share of couple holidays and night outs

Oh yes, it happens. After some couple vacations, you now want to spend your next holiday as a family. You also have begun to prefer spending the weekend at home. If these are the feelings you harbour, then you might as well fill that baby shaped hole in your life!

Mommy friends’ conversations don’t make you yawn


When your parent friends talk about their kids, you genuinely listen to garner information. After all, experience counts and you don’t want to miss any tips.

You see babies… everywhere!

There are babies in the malls, the bank, the restaurant and on hoardings. You come across so many of them in a day, you feel you’re being followed. And you even dream of chubby cherubs calling you mommy.

You feel the desire to nurture


Every time you hear a baby cry, you resist the urge to rush and comfort him. The nurturing instinct can be felt kicking in, slowly and strongly.

You’ve picked out names for your baby

And you’ve shared the list with your friends so that they don’t copy your list.

If you find saying, “yes, that’s me” to even five of the above signs, then it’s pretty certain that you want to clip on the wings of parenting, and welcome a beautiful phase in your life.

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