Yvonne Nelson says she aborted her pregnancy for Sakordie, the Ghanaian rapper, in 2010.


In her new book, titled ‘I Am Not Yvonne Nelson’, and seen by TheCable, the actress said she briefly dated Sakordie.

Nelson narrated the events that led up to her pregnancy and her attempts to terminate it using herbal concoctions.

The 37-year-old filmmaker described her actions as one of her most regrettable mistakes.


“The pain was intense and I bled profusely. I felt worse because Sarkodie had left me to my fate in the most difficult period. He did not call to check up on me or find out how the procedure went,” an excerpt from the book reads.

“Having an abortion was one of the most regrettable mistakes of my life. If the clock of life could be rewound to my younger self, I would keep it.

“I don’t know how others who have been through it feel, but my abortion haunted me for years. For instance, whenever I visited the gynaecologist and had to fill out a form, there was a place on the form that asked whether I had had an abortion before. Knowing that it was important to be truthful in my disclosure to health professionals, I had to tick the abortion box.


“It was not just a tick, but the disclosure
of my moment of shame in a judgmental society, sharing a dreaded piece of secret with people whose perception of me might never be the same.”

On when she discovered she was pregnant for the singer, Nelson wrote: “I had gone for a pregnancy test to confirm what becomes the most obvious conclusion for a sexually active young woman who misses her monthly flow.

“I wasn’t the only one responsible for the situation, so I called the man whose potent seed had germinated in me.

“His name is Michael Owusu Addo, a renowned Ghanaian musician who is better known as Sarkodie. I wouldn’t call what had developed between us a serious relationship. I gravitated towards people in the music industry.”


In 2019, Yvonne Nelson confirmed she broke up with Jamie Roberts, her baby daddy, with whom she has a child.

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