Yvonne Nelson has argued that flaunting relationships on social media gives pace to break-ups.


The Ghanian actress shared what she said were her observations with relationships put in the public glare.

In a Twitter post on Sunday, she said putting out relationships on social media exposes them to villains and rivals.

She said not all relationship works but putting it out on social media makes the break-up process even faster.


“A relationship will end if it has to but flaunting it on social media just speeds up the process,” the actress wrote.

“All the side chicks will come flying around and the gossip association will hold their weekly meeting for your sake) happy weekend guys.”

In recent times, several Nigerian celebrity marriages including Nkechi Blessing’s, have failed over varying discords.

Blessing, in an outburst, accused Opeyemi Falegan, her partner, of being jobless, yet, living a life of glamour.


Earlier speaking on this subject matter, Hilda Dokubo, another actress, had said: “I have deliberately created a demarcation between Hilda the person and Hilda the actor, producer, director, and anybody in public space.

“Even as a public servant, I made sure my family was left out of my work. The reason is based on experience.

“I’ve not seen any family that puts itself in public glare that is together as a family. No, I’m not going to subject my children to that rubbish. I will not. I’m also not going to make my children minced meat for anybody.

“Whatever you bring up on social media is like what you bring into the beer parlor, anybody can say anything.”


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