‘Slay’, a star-studded movie by Elvis Chucks, Nigerian film producer, is now available for viewing on Netflix, US media service and streaming giant.


The new film debuted on the streaming platform on Monday, shortly after the trailer was released.

The over 90-minute movie, which features Ramsey Nouah, centres on the tales of some young and attractive ladies, who pretend to come from rich backgrounds so as to prey on older, promiscuous men popularly known as Sugar Daddies.

‘Slay’ is directed by Adze Ugah, season Nollywood director, and features a star-studded cast of African movie stars which include South Africa’s Amanda Dupont, Leroy Gopal, and Kabomo Vilakazi, and Idris Sultan, Tanzanian actor; Joe Kazadi, Congolese actor; among others.


Watch the trailer below:



What is a Slay Queen? Is it a woman who preys on older, richer men who can give her the lifestyle that she wants? Is it a woman who pretends to live a life of luxury, when actually, she’s broke? Some people say Slay Queens are just beautiful women who get expensive things from men trying to buy their love, without them really needing to do anything to attract attention.

Others say the women are basically gold diggers. No matter what you think a Slay Queen is, we could probably all agree that these women exist and they’re out here slaying life. And their reality to impress or to be seen can or may not be over-emphasised, this movie gives you an understanding to their main reasons and objectives to SLAY.



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