Reekado Banks has expressed his fears about the security situation in Nigeria, warning that the country is on the brink of civil war.


There have been rapidly growing concerns about the continuously heightening state of insecurity in the country on the back of banditry, kidnappings, killings, inter-community conflict, ethnic strife, and secessionist calls.

Prominent figures and politicians have continued to call for strategic measures toward addressing the situation.

Joining the fray, Reekado expressed his fears that politicians might be fueling the existing divides.


“Nigeria is on the brink of a civil war & the politicians are doing everything to enable it because their schemes thrive in havoc & when there’s a divide,” the singer tweeted on Monday.

“As citizens, who will suffer the most from this impending disaster, we must do everything within our power to champion peace.”

Reekado’s comment comes after Wole Soyinka, Nigeria’s literary icon, joined other public figures to warn about an imminent deterioration in the country’s security crisis that might fuel the cause for another civil war in Nigeria.

The novelist also asked the federal government to seek foreign aid in tackling insecurity in the country.


“We need to remind ourselves of hideous precedents. We must remember Chibok. And Dapchi,” Soyinka had said.

“And numerous antecedents and after, unpublicised, or soon relegated to the sump of collective amnesia. The wages of impunity never diminish, on the contrary, they distend.

“One’s greatest fear, with this latest feat of cowardly savagery, is that the nation must brace itself for a Beslan scenario, yet strive to avoid Nigeria become Africa’s Chechnya.

“Blame laying is for later. Right now is the question of – what needs to be done, and done urgently.


“This nation is at war, yet we continue to pretend that these are mere birth-pangs of a glorious entity. They are death throes. Vultures and undertakers hover patiently but with full confidence.

“To this government, we repeat the public cry. Seek help. Stop improvising with human lives. Youth – that is, the future – should not serve as a ritual offering on the altar of a failing state.”

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