Jadel Ojokayode, the 9-year-old pupil of Treasure Trove Montessori school in Osogbo, Osun has dazzled his colleagues and staff with his persuasive oratory while delivering his campaign speech.


Ojokayode is among students that contested for the much-coveted head boy position in the primary school.

It is understood that the candidates were asked to present their manifestoes to the students before the main election took place.

During the session, Ojokayode stunned his audience with his presentation as he unveiled his plans if elected as the head boy in a moving speech.


In a now-viral video, people could be seen cheering the young boy at intervals while he delivered his speech.

“My name is Jadel Ojokayode, an aspiring inventor, future visionary and presently your future head boy,” he said confidently.


“I do not take myself as better than you my friend, I just want to do the best I can for everyone, including listening to your ideas and carrying them out to the best of my ability. 

“Upholding the outstanding reputation of this great school, this is your chance to pick me to represent your voice. This school has done so many great things for me and I genuinely want to pay back. I cannot make the days longer but i can strive to make them better.

“On this premise, I challenge you, my fellow pupils and parents of the treasure trove Montessori school, vote for innovation, transformation, vote for progress, vote for me and I promise not to let you down. So help me God.”



Speaking with TheCable Lifestyle, Oluwaseun Adedapo, the school’s headmistress, said Jadel is an introvert but a fantastic pupil of the school

She, however, said the little boy did not win the election because he’s not sociable.

“Jadel is doing well in school, but for the person that won, he is more of an extrovert. He plays more with the children. He is more sociable and occasionally trains the student in dancing classes,” she said.

“Jadel didn’t win the election but we gave him the post of the assistant head boy.”


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