The Nigerian Twittersphere has been set ablaze after a lady “inadvertently” introduced the ‘80% of Nigerian’ — which is now trending among users.


‘El Jefa’ with the Twitter handle @bougie_blackie, had in a series of tweets set the ball in motion after she made a scathing generalization of a percentage of women.

“About 80% of Nigerian girls are bitter, toxic, bi-sexual/bi-curious fucktards with pea-sized brains that shrunk as a result of their brain matter been sucked and pumped into their stupid female ego,” she wrote.

“It’s like they all drink from the same fountain filled with a stupid entitlement mentality and intellectual handicap and toxic feminism. I legit feel bad for Nigerian guys that have to settle with these lots and I sympathise with them in advance cos it’s a hard knock life they’re heading towards, especially as their daughters would have these uncouth and morally degenerative swine to look up to. Tragic”.



Her statement has since become sensational among users — most especially men — who seem to be using it to shade women and rid themselves of the ‘men are scum, rapist, trash’ tags.

‘80% of Nigerian’ is currently top on Twitter trends as users are delving into other subjects like religion, parenting, governance, feminism among others.


“Hope you included your mother and sister(s) in the “80% of Nigerian women” BS Trend…since you’ve decided to be stupid,” a Twitter user said.

“Truth they say is always bitter. As a girl, if you have a problem with the tweet of El jefa, you are one of the 80% of Nigerian she’s referring to. I’m out,” another user said.

Here is what some Nigerians had to say:



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