Toyin Lawani, the fashion entrepreneur, has slammed Rommel Asagwara, the celebrity medical doctor, for calling her an “agbero” — a term used to describe ruffians. 


Rommel, in a recent interview on WithChude podcast, referred to Lawani as the “mother of agberos” because of her fashion style.

The reality TV star said although he respects Lawani’s creativity, she sometimes “shows a low level of thinking”.

“Yes… mother of agberos. There is an agbero and there is a mother. She is just a joke, caricature. On the one hand, I applaud her creativity, trying hard to please people and doing stuff nicely,” he said.


“But just to sit out there and put deflated balloons on dresses thinking you are a designer and saying all kinds of things without thinking just show your level…you know what we call grade three? Elementry three? That is where her brain development stopped. It can not go further. And I cannot help her.”

Dr Rommel

Reacting to the comments via her Instagram page, Lawani hurl insults at Rommel.

She alleged that Rommel is a “fake doctor”. She also claimed people who patronise him do so at their own risk.


The celebrity designer also argued that the doctor’s statement was an attempt to “discredit my brand”.

“Fake doctor patronise him at your own risk. Lab Rat with your butt fillers you still no blow. Egbere, na me u wan take blow abi,. Is it by force to be your friend? Did I look like someone you could recruit to hate someone that didn’t offend me? No worry I will show you that agbero you are so desperate to experience ask ur kleged colleague,” she wrote.

“I don’t look for peoples trouble until they look for mine and everyone saw you do this to me on the show insulting me cause I didn’t want to join u. Just wait the day wey I see you I don’t talk too much.”

Lawani also tackled Chude Jideonwo, adding that she “regrets sharing my childhood rape experience with him”.


“Im more disappointed in @chudeity cause this was the same platform I went to share my childhood rape experience from my unc and when I lost my baby, I felt it was a Reputable brand, Didn’t know his brand can support someone putting someone’s business down smh. I really regretted sharing my story through his platform,” she added.

“You think the world is stupid and they don’t see through your crap? It’s A whole Tiannah Brand u want to discredit?”

Toyin Lawani and Rommel recently featured on Real Housewives of Lagos season 2.


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