Toolz Oniru’, the on-air personality, has expressed her reservation about the recent testimony shared by Faith Oyedepo, wife of the founder of Living Faith Church Worldwide.


On Tuesday, Faith recalled how she saw blood flowing from her nearly four decades ago when she was pregnant with her first son and then told her husband that she “had a miscarriage”.

She said, in his reaction, David Oyedepo boldly told her that “you can’t have a miscarriage” before asking to be served his meal.

“I remember when I was pregnant with our first son, one day I saw blood flowing from me,” she wrote.


“When my husband returned home, I told him that I had a miscarriage. Boldly, and without any hesitation, he said, “You can’t have a miscarriage!”, and then asked to be served his meal.”

Faith said her husband’s statement “activated the spirit of faith and the pregnancy was sustained.”

Her testimony, however, sparked an argument on social media.


Joining the fray, Toolz argued that a pregnant woman bleeding from a possible miscarriage should be taken to a hospital, and not asked to prepare a meal.

“Pls don’t do this. If you’re bleeding from a possible miscarriage…go to hospital,” she wrote.

“Last thing you should be doing is making food for anyone.

“I’m so annoyed! Nigeria has one of the worst maternal mortality rates in the world, and someone is here saying ignore bleeding during pregnancy and enter kitchen.”

In 2021, Toolz recalled how she became traumatised after losing her pregnancy. 

She said it was her spirituality that enabled her to deal with the situation.


“After losing my first pregnancy, not long after that I lost my dad, it was and perhaps is still the most traumatic thing that has ever happened and I remember I had like one or two out of body experiences because I could not believe I was going through this, I literally could not believe this was happening to me,” Toolz said.

“I still think back and I don’t even know how I got through it, my spirituality was extremely important during that period.”

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