Saying ‘I do’ is one of the most beautiful memories for lovers. But after the usual excitement that comes with the moment, having a stress-free wedding is the next major step.


Planning a wedding is truly stressful and challenging but you don’t have to go through the same experience too just because others did.

With the few tips highlighted below, you can have the best wedding you have always imagined — without stress.

  • Make a feasible budget

Making a realistic budget is an important step in planning your wedding. You need to make research on everything you will need concerning the wedding and then make a budget around your means.


No doubt, having your dream wedding involves spending money but it is essential that you make your budget according to your means. Remember, there is no award for the best wedding.

While budgeting, you also need to set aside a contingency fund — money for unforeseen circumstances.

  • Identify your priority

Setting your priority right means you should have a list of things that are very important when planning your wedding. Identifying your priority will help you curtail spending on excesses and will also make you focus your energy on only necessities.


So, to have a stress-free wedding, try to identify and set your priority.

  • Take your stand

It’s you and your partner’s wedding, not family and friends’. Although it is often said that Nigerian weddings are for the parents while the couples are like guests; you must be resolute on some issues.

You need to turn down unnecessary advice from friends and family because it will be so stressful when you depend on others before making a decision. So, stay calm, take your stand and tune out stress.

  • Delegate roles

You won’t be able to do everything by yourself, no matter how much you are willing to try.  Therefore, you need to ask and accept help to plan your wedding.


In order to take some stress off your shoulder, you need to delegate people you trust to help with some roles and responsibilities. Delegating roles to others will help you have more time for yourself in preparation for your big day.

  • Set a deadline

Create a deadline and stick to it. No matter the size of your wedding, you need to set a deadline for everything that has to be done so that you won’t be disorganized.

  • Hire professional and reliable vendors

You need the help of a professional vendor if you want your dream wedding to go as planned.

So, it’s advisable to make findings on how to get skilled vendors. Once you’ve hired your vendor, communicate your vision to them, trust their expertise and allow them to take some weight off your shoulder.


Importantly, pay them promptly in order to get their best works.

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