When your friend or closest pal starts dating someone, you often end up feeling left out or like the third wheel.


While some may realise early enough, others may take time to become aware of the change.

Nobody wants to be a third wheel, no matter how loyal. But some people can be oblivious to situations where they are the third wheel.


Here are signs to watch out for to avoid becoming the third wheel.


You are the last to know about plans

Your friends don’t include you in their plans and probably forget to check with you before making plans for the weekend.

You are often the last to know about them, leaving you with no other option but to opt out.


You become the minder at the table

When you go out with your friends, you become the chosen one to look after their belongings or to mind their drink, while they have a good time on the dance floor.

You are ignored

You may come as a group, but you suddenly realise that your friends are trying to hook you up with anyone in sight so that they don’t feel guilty about leaving you to your own devices while they get intimate with each other.


Rolling your eyes becomes a habit

You have lost count of the number of times you have rolled your eyes in frustration, but sadly your friends are too preoccupied to notice your disdain.

You trail behind them when you all walk together – or speed up and walk ahead of them

It is always a struggle figuring out where to put yourself when the three of you stroll down the street together.


You don’t want to walk between them and disrupt their hand holding, but on the other hand, you can’t walk beside either of them, because you will block everyone else’s path.

 You don’t know where to look when they’re being affectionate

The one thing a third wheel will probably never get used to is a couple being physically affectionate toward each other.

Holding hands is fine, but when excessive hugging and kissing persists, you end up looking away or trying really hard to be interested in any one of the random things in your surroundings.



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