Steve Eboh, the ace Nigerian actor, has questioned the source of wealth of most Nollywood actresses.


In a recent chat with TheCable Lifestyle and Independent Newspaper, Eboh discussed filmmaking and the current state of Nollywood.

The 57-year-old actor, whose career spans over 3 decades, wondered why “most of the rich actors today are ladies” despite “receiving similar payments” for movie roles.

“So, these days, people just come into the industry because they want to be stars,” he said.


“Most of the rich actors today are ladies. And you ask why. Is it not the same payment? A lot of things are happening.”

He also criticised the quality of film production in Nigeria, adding that “People are not thinking deeply, they just cram lines. Whereas you are supposed to rehearse, get into character, and then act”.

“Let me be honest with you, artistically, the industry is going down. The acting is no longer the way it used to be before. Those days when we were acting, we had what they call rehearsals,” he added.


“You could be acting on the level of 80 percent, me 50 percent another person 20 percent. If you go that way, it may mess up the storyline.

“But if you rehearse for days, we all can come up to match up at a point. But these days, there is no longer a rehearsal culture in Nigeria. So the acting in the industry is going down. We run from one set to the other, which means we cannot meet up artistically.”

Eboh earlier tackled ailing actors, who he claimed prefer online donations despite AGN’s support.


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