The Saint Finbarr’s College Old Students Association (SFCOBA) has paid tributes to Aloysius Kpotie, its late principal who died on April 26, 2024.


Kpotie was the longest-serving college principal who headed the school from 1977 to 1998. He died at 90.

During a tribute ceremony and novelty match played last week in honour of the principal, the old students also promised to immortalize him and extend the same treatment they showed him to others who have headed the school.

Speaking at the occasion held in the school premises in Akoka, Dominic Malagu, who is in charge of the parent-teacher association (PTA), revealed that Kpotie “was more of a father than teacher” to them.


Malagu, who spoke on behalf of Patrick Doyle, the actor who is also the president of the association, also challenged Nigerian leaders to emulate the lifestyle and leadership quality of Kpotie.

“Pa Kpotie impacted us in so many ways. He ensured balance in everything,” he said.

“If you look at the history of the college, it has produced some of the greatest men anyone can think of in Nigeria, cutting across various strata and all these are as a result of the impact of Pa Kpotie. He was more of a father than a teacher and Principal.


“We have some projects going on in the college and we will institute an award in his honour at our annual price giving award. We will name some structures coming up after him.

“The old boys have taken over the burial of Pa Kpotie, and before his death, our President, Patrick Doyle supported his welfare and the welfare committee took care of his medication, gave him a stipend, and we are looking at extending the gesture to others.

“He was a credible man, he was a man of integrity; Pa Kpotie looked out for the best even amongst the supposedly worst persons or students and those are qualities worthy of emulation and I think if our leaders can look into that direction, the country will be better.

Also speaking, Robert Kpotie, his son, described the deceased as an “enigma” who “touched so many lives” when he was alive.


“My father was an enigma. Baba touched so many lives and touched many lives; we are gathered here to celebrate his good works and I pray that we all his children will be able to follow his legacy. I doubt we will be able to fill the shoes he left behind,” he said.

“Listen to people; Pa Kpotie listened to his teachers, the gatemen, he sat with everyone and listened to their issues so, if our leaders can do that, our country will be better.”

“I am privileged to have him as a father. I thank God for giving me the privilege.

Oluwaseyi Fasina, another old student, said: “Baba Kpotie is a man of phenomenon, he doesn’t flog but talk senseless his presence means correction”.


“He was full of life the last time I visited him and I was impressed that he remembered me and spoke so well. He was a disciplinarian and a brilliant man. I wish our leaders could live a selfless life like Baba Kpotie.”

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