Williams Uchemba, the Nigerian actor and comedian, has solicited funds and food items for some university lecturers.


In a recent video, the movie star said he received a distress call from the lecturers from the University of Nigeria, Nsuka (UNN), seeking for assistance.

According to him, the lecturers said they couldn’t feed their families because they have not been paid salaries for the past few months.

He also quoted them as saying that their withheld salaries were due to the ongoing ASUU strike in the country.


Uchemba said he will be supporting them with “a truckload of food items and the sum of N500,000”.

He also pleaded with the public to support the lecturers with their donations.

“A few days ago, I received what I would call a distress call from my alma matter, University of Nigeria, Nsuka (UNN). Some lecturers came together and made a video for me, asking for assistance,” he said.


“It broke my heart to realise that the help they are asking for is food, what they’ll eat. For the past few months, they haven’t received salary and they said all their savings have been exhausted.

“I saw a video of some of them explaining how they can’t feed their kids anymore. Unfortunately, I can’t post these videos because of their reputation. I just can’t post these videos, my conscience doesn’t want me to.

“But it shows me how desperate they are for lecturers to make a video to ask for such things. So what I want to do is that I want to take a truckload of rice down to them and other basic things like oil and condiments that go along with it.

“It is very heartbreaking that we’ve gotten to this point in this country where lecturers cannot feed anymore and it breaks my heart, even more, to see some of them that I know in that situation.


“I on my own will be donating N500,000 for them and whatever it is you can give N1000, N2000, bags of rice, oil, whatever you can give us because we want to go down there and see how many of them we can give these relief materials.

“For their reputation sake I might not be posting the outcome because I usually do that for transparency and integrity but because of the people involved, I wouldn’t want to post it.

“But what I would sure do is post what we bought for them. I might not post their faces but I’ll show what we got for them. I would really appreciate if you come in and assist us in making this happen.”

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