Think social media makes your relationship more exciting? Think again.


Most people believe social media is a great way to become more connected to the person they love, however, if you have a new love interest, don’t be too quick to get close online.

A recent survey found that new relationships are more susceptible to challenges if both parties immediately follow each other on social media.

Dating site, surveyed more than 14,000 members to determine social media’s impact on their love lives.


According to the report, “majority of respondents (42%) who said they connected immediately with their significant other following the first date had relationships that did not last past 30 days.

“If lasting love is the goal, it seems best to wait a month or more before becoming ‘Facebook official.’”

This is because everyone has a thread of history in their social media lives and having access to all that once you meet someone can be a bit overwhelming as opposed to having physical conversations and easing into the scary past.


Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter… that’s a lot for one person to think about.

It’s very easy for one’s mind to wonder and think of whether your partner is inappropriately liking someone else’s pictures or sending inappropriate messages especially if it’s a new relationship or you’ve been cheated on in the past.

But what are the chances that neither you and your partner are aliens to social media?

The chances are close to none.


The major problem with social media and how it affects relationships (old and new), is it causes a disconnect.

Trust is shaky, jealousy is sky high and it gives you the illusion of ‘other options’ when you’re tired or at odds with your partner.

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