Moving in with a partner is a weighty life decision that should not be taken lightly.


Humans are naturally drawn to cohabitation. For some, it’s done before marriage or even as an alternative to marriage.

This is because of our inherent need for companionship, emotional support, and for some, the shared financial responsibilities.

But one shouldn’t make a decision of this scale in haste.


Here are six things to consider when he asks you to move in.

You have to talk about money

The assumption will be the beginning of the end. When it comes to money matters, you have to be on the same page.


Things like will the rent be split or one person’s responsibility? Who finances foodstuff? Who pays for general household maintenance?

These are essential questions to ask to avoid bumping heads.

Discuss domestic responsibilities 

Living together goes beyond money. Domestic chores must be discussed as traditional gender roles are slowly fading away.


Is he old school? Does he expect you to dust, clean, and do the dishes?

Knowing this beforehand will help you make informed decisions.

Whose stuff stays and who’s goes?

Before moving in, if both parties have their own furniture and household appliances, you will have to decide who’s stuff stays and who’s stuff goes to avoid a cluttered living space.


Do our individual lives change?

When you live alone, you can literally do whatever you want, whenever you want.

Before you move in, you have to discuss whether your individuality will be ripped from you, to avoid becoming a shell of yourself.

Be sure that you will still have your own life, your own friends, and your own activities. If this will not be the case, prepare for the ride.


If this doesn’t work out, do I have a backup plan?

In the event of a doomsday, when the cohabiting arrangement goes up in flames and you have to move out, can you survive on your own?

In as much as you enter such a relationship hopeful, knowing the volatile nature of man, a contingency plan is necessary.

Do you have other reasons for moving in together?

Asides from the benefit of shared responsibility, do you have other reasons for moving in together?

If he goes broke and all the conveniences are out the window, will you stay? Are you strong enough to take on full responsibility for both of you?

You need to dig deep for a more concrete reason to move in than what is on the surface.

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