You realized you want to spend the rest of your life with your belle. You’ve been going over proposal ideas in your head in a state of anxiety and happiness.


Knowing that marriage proposals hold a special place in a relationship, you work towards to make a memorable proposal.

But how do you make your proposal one she’ll always remember? And although the pressure might be intense to get it right, there’s no crime in having some fun while you plan the proposal.

Really know your partner


Always keep in mind your partner’s preferences when it comes to marriage proposals. Just as women are different, so also are their tastes in proposals.

While woman A might prefer a public proposal, woman B would rather be proposed to in private. Although public proposals tend to have cinematic effects, you should be careful to know what your partner would really prefer.

Remember that your proposal is to her and not her family, friends, or crowd. The easiest way to find out your partner’s preferences is by effective communication. Engage her in conversations directly or indirectly to be sure of the best way she’d love to be proposed to.


Acknowledge her family values

A popular quote implies that by marrying someone, you marry their family. This quote is true in many instances and one of them is during marriage proposals.

Be careful to be aware of her family’s value regarding proposals. Would they rather be updated on your intentions beforehand? If they do, follow through with your actions.

You want to make her family feel included throughout the proposal period to get you in their good books. 


Have the engagement ring ready

You do not want to be that guy without a ring during a proposal. You want to make this important event memorable which means taking it serious.

By getting a ring ready ahead of time, you erase the risk of appearing unprepared. Seeing you with a ring as you propose gives your fiance-to-be the satisfaction that you have thought your proposal thoroughly.

Get help from friends


True, a proposal is a private matter. However, involving some of your friends isn’t a bad idea. Because you’re (obviously), springing up a surprise proposal, you’d need your friends as allies to pull it off.

Also recall to involve only friends with proven records of being discreet. No basket mouths please!

Be sensitive with timing

The last thing you want to do is propose to your belle when she’s going through a bad time. 


Take time to micro-observe your fiance-to-be; watch her routines, and moods to be sure you’re hitting her with the big question at the right time.

Have a Great Plan B

Of course not every great plan will be seen through. Maybe that basketmouth friend snitches, or wrong timing messes up your proposal plan, it isn’t the end of the world.

Always include a plan B so that (God forbid it), should your plan A flop, you have a back-up plan to work with.

Congratulations in advance as you take the bold step to ask for her hand in marriage. 

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