Simi says she quit gospel music many years ago because she was paid paltry amounts for church performances.


In a recent chat with MTV Base, the singer revealed that she used to perform in churches and would get paid between N5,000 and N10,000 for her performances.

Simi said the highest amount she ever received was N70,000.

“I actually used to perform in a lot of churches. They would pay me around N5000 to N10000,” she said.


“Do you know the highest amount of money I ever collected while doing gospel music? N70,000.

“And I felt like I had arrived. I still paid a 10 percent tithe from that money.”

Simi said she faced financial challenges during that time and was eagerly searching for her big break.


The singer added that while the money she earned from gospel music was sufficient to buy food, it was not enough to support her career aspirations.

“I just did not have enough money. After my song ‘Ara Ile’ was featured in the gospel album called ‘Ogaju,’ I was still looking for my big break,” she said.

“Like I said, I did not have much money. They were paying me N10000, which was enough to buy food here and there, but it was not enough to support my career.”

Simi released her debut studio album titled ‘Ogaju’ in 2008, featuring various songs including ‘Iya Temi’ and ‘Ara Ile’.


The singer has since received numerous awards and recognition for her contributions to the music industry.

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