Your twenties are a crucial part of your life. It is an important time when you transition from adolescent to adult, make key decisions, and take responsibility for your life and future.


Your twenties are the decade of exploration, transformation, changes, self-discovery, growth and mistake-making. Every decision you make can leave a profound impact on your future. So it is important to be informed and extremely careful when making decisions.

In view of this, here are mistakes you should sidestep during your 20s.

  • Not prioritising self-care

It is crucial to prioritise your physical and mental health during this decade.


Neglecting self-care can lead to consequences like burnout, health issues and decreased overall well-being.

Fortunately, prioritising your health costs little or nothing. Just exercise regularly, take a balanced diet, sleep well and seek mental support when needed.

So prioritise self-care routines, manage stress, and find a balance between your professional and personal life. Take care of yourself, you deserve it.

  • Neglecting financial planning

Failing to create a financial plan, save money, or manage debts in your 20s can lead to monetary stress and instability in the future.

Your twenties are not the time for you to overspend, show off, accumulate debt, or neglect saving. Rather it is the time to create a budget, regularly save part of your income, invest and educate yourself about personal finance management.

This decade tends to be the best time to achieve financial independence as you have little or no responsibility; no family or child of your own, just you.

So to achieve financial stability in the long run, create a budget that goes in line with your income, needs and lifestyle. Set spending limits to avoid overspending, save and invest.


All of these financial steps can help determine your financial stability in the future.

  • Overlooking self-growth and self-investment

As an individual, it is important to make yourself a top priority. Invest and care for yourself because no one else will.

In your 20s, your personal growth should not be an option but rather a necessity. Failure to invest time and effort in yourself can lead to stunted personal and professional growth.

This decade is the best time to understand your personality, hone your skills and develop yourself in all areas.


Take advantage of educational and professional opportunities, attend workshops, read books on various topics, and acquire new skills. Also, avoid always staying in your comfort zone; experiment with life, take risks, make mistakes and learn from them.

By investing in yourself, you will expand your knowledge and your perspectives as well as become a well-rounded individual.

  • Neglecting relationships

To achieve personal and professional success, it is crucial to build a robust network and relationships.

No man is an island. So avoid isolating yourself as it can lead to missed opportunities and loneliness.


In your 20s, make sure to cultivate meaningful connections, nurture these connections, seek mentors, and engage in networking activities.

By doing these you can gain guidance, motivation, and access opportunities from these connections.

Do not forget to also keep relationships that are important to you like true friends, partners as well as important family members.

Do not underestimate the power of having people, the right ones.

  • Comparing yourself to others

Never compare yourself to others. They might be your peer but remember everyone has their unique journey.

In this age of social media, it is possible to constantly compare oneself to others. However, this can affect your self-confidence and personal growth.

Also, remember that everything on social media is not always true. You see only what people want you to see about their lives, no one’s life is perfect.

So instead of comparing, think about the good things in you, don’t be hard on yourself, and be kind to yourself.

Focus on your journey, embrace your uniqueness, and set your own standards for success.

  • Settling for a meaningless relationship

In your 20s, by all means, do not stay in a relationship that will not impact you positively.

Let go of any type of toxic or abusive relationship — platonic or romantic. Any relationship that is not adding value to you in any way is not worth your time, attention and energy.

Remember that your 20s are the decade for growth and learning, and the relationships you build during this time can have a lasting impact on your life.

So build only healthy relationships and establish healthy boundaries.

  • Not having personal goals

Failing to set clear goals can hinder personal and professional progress.

In your 20s, it’s important to set achievable goals for yourself. It helps keep one focused and determined.

Create a roadmap for your aspirations and develop effective time management skills to achieve them.

Remember, live your life to please yourself and not anyone else in your 20s. Breathe, learn, relearn and make friends and create exciting memories.

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