Everyone has heard some kind of myth about sex, especially in their teenage years when little is really known about the subject. Unfortunately, some of these myths have managed to linger into adult years and have become quite common. Movies and social media have also contributed to making these myths seem true.


Without further ado, here are the seven most widespread misconceptions about sex you should do away with.

The bigger the penis, the better the sex

This is absolutely false! The degree of pleasure derived from penetrative sex depends on compatibility and communication between partners rather than the size of the male sexual organ. People may have their size preferences just like they have preferences with food, but that’s not to say a smaller penis can not give pleasure just like a bigger one would.


Lots of sex can bring about a loose vagina

There is no evidence that sex causes the vagina to loosen or widen over time. When aroused, the muscles of the vagina relax, which allows for penetration. The vagina is extremely elastic and has the capacity to expand and contrast, so after sex, the vagina returns to its normal shape and tension. The only thing that can alter the vagina is childbirth and aging.

You can’t get pregnant during your first time having sex


The logic behind this myth has never made sense and never will. A woman can get pregnant anytime she has unprotected vaginal sex, whether it’s her first or 50th time. It will not be harder for sperm to go through a woman’s vagina just because it’s her first time.

You can’t get pregnant if you have sex on your period

As unlikely as it may be, there’s always a chance you could get pregnant if you have unprotected vaginal sex on your period. Women with shorter cycles have more chances of getting pregnant during their period since ovulation happens earlier. The fact that sperm can live for up to five days also means if you ovulate the week after your period, you can get pregnant.

Men cannot enjoy sex while wearing a condom


A condom creates a physical barrier between two partners for obvious reasons, but will in no way stop the man from enjoying the sexual activity. Using a condom will not interfere with sexual pleasure if the time of use during intercourse is correct. It will also not reduce libido.

All women experience orgasm through penetration alone

Studies have shown that almost 75 percent of women cannot achieve orgasm through penetration alone. In fact, many women achieve orgasm through clitoral stimulation or vaginal penetration along with other forms of stimulation. It is also very normal if a woman experiences orgasm only through other forms of stimulation asides vaginal penetration.

Men always want sex


Many people, especially women, believe that men are always thinking about sex and would jump at every opportunity to have it. This is completely untrue. While men may have a higher sex drive than women, it does not mean they’re up for sex all the time. Just like women, they have many other things going through their minds other than sex.

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