Seun Kuti, the Afrobeat singer, has advised Nigerians “not to expect much to change” in the President Bola Tinubu administration.


In a recent interview on Channels Television, Seun said the economic condition of the country has gotten “worse”.

He argued that there are “not enough investments” in the education and development of Nigerians.

Seun added that “nothing much will change for the Nigerian people in the present administration”.


The musician said things are the way they are because “we are willing to align so much with our oppressors”.

“I will make predictions for the next 3 years and 10 months that is left for the administration that nothing much will change for the Nigerian people,” he said. 

“Things are worse now and nothing more will change for the Nigerian people, it is hidden in plain sight.


“There’s not enough investments by the people in control of the wealth of the Nigerian people back into the Nigerian people.

“Before the elections, we were arguing about 3 candidates that the only thing different is their names. If you look into what they promised Nigeria, you will see that it is the same things that they were going to execute.

“They are confined to ideologies that cannot move African people forward. They are afraid to take the necessary steps to invest in the natural resources that belong to all of us.

“There is never money for our education, our healthcare, our roads, for investments in human development, in the youths, in job opportunities, because everybody wants to be gatekeepers to your existence.


“We the professionals of a country, it is where we learn that the country goes. It is because we are willing to align so much with our oppressors that things are the way they are.

“We are acting as if it doesn’t have an impact on the lives of millions of people. It is we that have to create this idea and back it up because the elites will not do it, they benefit too much from the suffering that is going on in this country.”

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