Dami Elebe, Nigerian screenwriter, has explained why Ayoola Ayolola was replaced with Pere Egbin, ex-BBNaija housemate, in the ‘The Men’s Club’, a popular web series.


The series organisers had earlier disclosed that Ayolola’s role as Aminu Garba was handed to Pere because he is “unavailable indefinitely to physically record with the cast at the location.”

But amid the criticisms by fans, Elebe, the screenwriter of ‘The Men’s Club’, took to her Twitter page to explain that Ayolola relocated without notifying “anybody”.

The screenwriter added that she had to rewrite last year Christmas edition because the actor “refused to reply my messages on WhatsApp”.


“But it isn’t our fault. It’s not our fault that the actor relocated – without telling us if I may add – and I don’t want the people – including me – who are working hard to give an amazing show be made to feel bad by the fans we absolutely love and are doing our best for,” she wrote.

“To those who asked us to cancel… I’m sorry. We can’t do that. Not for one person. There are too many people working on this show for that to happen. I think that is an unfair request. Maybe I should blame me for creating a great character.

“He isn’t the only one that plays a character. There are three other actors who don’t need to feel that you guys don’t care for them. Three more actors who have given their all to make sure this show is great. I respect and love them for always caring about the fans.


“To those that asked for me to kill the character off….Do you know how many characters are tied to Aminu’s story that won’t need to be show anymore? Tumini, Jasmine, Their mothers, Patrick, the whole Garba clan? Because one person left unannounced? That’s very unfair.

“I know every other person is taking the path of peace and just enduring the backlash. I’m taking the path of clarity.

“I’m also very upset this is happening and has been happening for over a year. I had to rework a Christmas special last year to accommodate someone who aired me on WhatsApp.

“Someone who people begged to come back. Someone who should be making the press releases to the fans that he left. I’m not gonna hold back for someone who doesn’t care for this show.


“I really feel bad again but it apparently is what it is. Please, accept Pere who has been put in this situation. We appreciate him for even accepting to take whatever hit is coming his way for taking the role of Aminu. This season will be amazing as always.”






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