A Tribe Called Judah‘, a family comedy-drama produced by Funke Akindele, hit cinemas across the country on December 15. Renowned for her record-breaking blockbusters like ‘Battle on Buka Street (2022)’ and ‘Omo Ghetto the Saga (2020),’ Akindele’s latest Christmas offering is a cinematic must-watch film.


The project’s captivating teasers also heightened the anticipation. However, after watching the movie, the reason Akindele’s movies are the highest-grossing is quite evident.


‘A Tribe Called Judah’ explores the story of a woman who has five sons from five different men, all belonging to different tribes.


The boys decide to rob a small mall to raise money for their mother’s surgery. However, they encountered a gang of armed robbers on getting to the mall.

The movie showcases the struggles faced by many single parents and mothers in society.



The major highlight of ‘A Tribe Called Judah’ is its straightforward storytelling. No confusing subplots, and the central characters and themes were efficiently introduced which gave the movie a compelling progression.

The performance of the cast is another strength of the movie. Despite it being start-studded, every cast performed exceptionally; no one acted like a third wheel. From Akindele embodying the character of a single mother to Jide Kene Achufusi as the responsible firstborn, Olumide Oworu as a naive last child, and Uzor Arukwe as a rich Igbo man, every cast member delivers exceptional performance in their roles.

The visuals, setting, and costumes of the film are also very impressive. Through these, it is evident that attention was paid to every detail, as the location and costume also depict the condition of the life of the characters.

The authenticity and relatability of the themes explored in the film are commendable. Every theme in the film — from family to love, brotherhood, and single motherhood — is something that one can resonate with.


The way the plot was made engaging with the infusion of humor, conflict, and emotion is also amazing.


Sincerely, it is quite hard to point out a weak point in this movie as it is meticulously done.

However, some extended scenes could have benefited from brevity to maintain undivided viewer attention. An example is the mall robbery scene, at some point, I wish I could skip to the result of the robbery as well as the confession scene of Nse Ikpe-Etim.



‘A Tribe Called Judah’ gets a 9/10

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