Regina Askia, the ace Nollywood actress, has reacted to the ongoing feud between Emeka Ike, her colleague, and Suzanne Emma, his ex-wife. 


Ike has been in the public eye since he revisited issues surrounding his divorce from Emma in 2017.

The actor alleged that Emma made him lose his properties worth millions and access to his four kids.

He also denied ever beating his former wife.


On her part, Emma alleged that she endured physical abuse during their marriage and called the actor “a drug addict”.

The situation triggered social media debates with users divided in their support.

Sharing her thoughts in a chat with Daddy Freeze, the OAP, Regina said although people change, she sees Ike as a gentleman who did not exhibit any violent tendencies while they worked together.


The 56-year-old US-based family nurse practitioner also said she hopes Ike and Emma “apologise and make it up to each other”.

“You have to also take into consideration what that man is going through. I am not supporting violence in any way, but you have to consider what that man is going through for real,” she said.

“I used to work with Emeka Ike. I have never met his wife. But I know family dynamics that can push you to do something like that. And there is no deeper hurt than people you have sacrificed your life, your savings, everything for to turn on you.

“It is sad. I hope that they find a way to make it up to each other. Maybe apologise to each other – father and son – and pull through.


“I think we are more emotionally present. And we value life. I think in Nigeria. I have been away for too long.

“He is a gentleman. I like that dude. He is a gentleman. I have never seen any type of violence with him. But that does not mean people do not change.

“I was not there. I do not know what happened between him and his wife, between him and his son. And if that audio is anything to go by then it is a very sad situation.

“But from what I have seen, I worked with him once or twice, I have not seen any type of, even though there were rumours of it, I have not seen him actively fighting anybody.”


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