There are many pretty and smart single women who wonder why they are not catching the eye of any man – and therefore start to ruminate on what may be wrong with them.


While it is quite easy for some women to get approached and propositioned by the opposite sex, it is hard for others.

Here are seven reasons why, as a lady, you are single – and how to get out of it.

Being unreceptive

Most times, ladies are actually the cause of their not getting approached. Some are just too uptight and often wear a stern expression that wards off any potential suitors.


What to do: Ladies in this category should learn to be more receptive, drop the attitude, wear a smile and give out their number more often.

Setting unrealistic goals

Unrealistic expectations from a man, and from what a relationship should be about are the cause of the single status of many women.

Many go as far as setting unfeasible goals that are almost impossible for their partners to live up to.


What to do: Life is all about compromises, they won’t kill you. Try making one or two, and viola, your Mr. Right may saunter in.

Being materialistic

In this age of independent women, there are still some who capitalise on any given opportunity to penetrate a man’s pocket.

But unfortunately, making materialistic demands are a turn-off for most men, hence, they steer off.

What to do: Be less demanding and expect nothing from a man and he’ll be attracted to you for that – and possibly even do more for you.



Relationship requires work and a degree of accountability, and to many women, that’s a no-no. Many women out there are not willing to give up their independence and freedom for anything. They want the ability to make their own decisions without being accountable or submissive to anyone.

What to do: Being accountable to your partner (provided it is vice versa) or a tad submissive won’t erode your independence or make you lose yourself. Try it, one step at a time. It won’t hurt.

To avoid being restricted to one person

Most ladies, like men, want to explore and embark on many sexual conquests without any form of inhibition. For this reason, they’d rather remain single.

What to do: As fun as exploring is, it is nothing like having a stable relationship or a shoulder to cry and lean on. If you really want to explore and yet desire a relationship, believe it, there’s a man out there who’s willing to tow that path with you.


Ethnicity and religion

In these parts, ethnicity and religion play a big role in how women choose spouses or the relationships they venture into.

Many would rather remain single until they find a lover whose ethnic group and religion fits their desire

What to do: This is a personal thing and everyone has a right to go for what they are comfortable with but at the end of the day, every man is created the same, regardless of ethnicity and religion. Rather than remain single, go for an open-minded man whose decisions, actions and principles are not motivated by tribe and religion. There are many.


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