A video has shown an actress appearing to enter a trance after acting in a scene summoning a deity.


In footage that surfaced online, a group of film executives took to a local stream to act a scene from their project.

The scene involves two people playing a couple who sought a child from a river goddess after years of infertility.

A young female actress is to play the priestess, submerging herself in the water to summon a fertility goddess.


As she takes to her role, she begins to stagger, acting out what, according to the crew, was not in the script.

She proceeds to go deeper into the part of the stream with a higher current before the crew grabs her.

A member of the crew screams at the camera person to turn off the video amid an effort to resuscitate the actress.


It, however, remains to be seen if the lady actually went on a trance or if it was a skit.

See the video below:

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