For many, music is more than just a concatenation of emotion-altering sounds; shrill voices and funky beats of varying pitches and rhythm. It is a poignant and soul-penetrating mode of expressing deeply hidden thoughts and clarifying auto-speculative motives.


Nigerian music has moved away from the post-war trends so much so that a recap of the dominant genres and music style of that period leaves music lovers marveling at how much the nation’s music culture has evolved over time.

From Majek Fashek’s ‘Send Down the Rain’ and Daniel Wilson’s ‘Mr Raggamuffin’ to Edna Ogholi’s ‘Message to the Youths’, here are some Nigerian songs that re-awaken that memories of the 1980s.

Majek Fashek — ‘Send Down the Rain’


Renowned at the time for being part of an in-house band on NTA Benin’s Panorama Show, Majek Fashek earned himself the PMAN Award for categories including ‘Song of the Year’ and ‘Reggae Artiste of the Year’ with his solo hit song ‘Send Down the Rain’.

Felix Liberty – ‘Ifeoma’


Felix Liberty, Edo state-born father of 19, came into the limelight with his song far-reaching single ‘Ifeoma’.

Alex Zitto – ‘Walakolombo’

Alex Zitto, Nigerian-Ghanaian half-caste, had lovers of the oldies nodding heads and tapping their feet to his ‘Walakolombo’.


Ras kimono –  ‘Rhumba Stylee’

Ras Kimono, late Nigerian reggae artiste of the 80s, who mostly sang about the poverty; inequality; and hardship of his childhood, is ever remembered for his ‘Rhumba Stylee’.


Mike Okri – ‘Time Na Money’

Mike Okri is a Nigerian musician and novelist of international acclaim. His 1988 single ‘Time Na Money’ is among the songs that ushered change into the Nigerian music industry.

Daniel Wilson – ‘Mr Raggamuffin’


Daniel Wilson, an adherent of the old-time critical music culture, came through with his ‘Raggamuffin’ in the 1980s. Wilson took Nigerians by surprise when he came hard on Buhari’s government in 2018.

Onyeka Onwenu – ‘One Love’

Not only does Onyeka Onwenu’s ‘One Love’ re-awaken memories of the 80s, the song also rekindles the feeling of national unity especially after the tragedies of the civil war.

Evi Edna Ogholi – ‘Message to the Youths’

Dubbed the ‘Queen of Reggae’, Evi Edna Ogholi was renowned for her ‘Message to the Youths’ and ‘Happy Birthday’.

Evi Edna Ogholi – ‘Happy Birthday’

‘Happy Birthday’ is Evi Edna Ogholi’s most famous song, but surely not her only classic. During her active years, the Reggae singer scored a number of great hits and best-selling albums.

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